RINSTAR provides an efficient, easy-to-use experience. 

It simplifies our RIN sales and compliance reporting.  They have exceptional customer service and provide timely notifications on changing regulations.

Jennifer Burns

Assistant Financial Controller, Kwik Trip

When we first started receiving RINS with our Biodiesel purchases, we had no idea what we had to do as far as filing with the EPA. A friend from an ethanol company told us about RINSTAR. That was over 15 years ago, and we still use them today. Even if you aren’t new to the RIN world, I would still suggest looking into RINSTAR. They are very knowledgeable, and they always upgrade their system when the EPA makes changes.

Ward G. Miller

Account Manager, United Energy Plus Terminals

As someone who uses RINSTAR daily, I can attest that RINSTAR is a convenient alternative to EMTS. It offers a better user experience through easy-to-use interfaces and a variety of tools to speed up the RIN transaction process that EMTS lacks. RINSTAR’s UI makes transferring and accepting RINs much more fluid with the added bonus of automatically generating and sending PTDs to counterparts. It is the ideal extension of EMTS with additional features that save me plenty of time and hassle.

I find it important to highlight the pleasant experiences I have had with RINSTAR’s customer service; as someone who came into their job with no prior knowledge of RIN processes, I have been greatly assisted by the RINSTAR support staff to help me better manage my company’s RIN operations with confidence (shout out to Jonathan Hawkes).

Tomer Downing

Operations Analyst , Raízen North America, Inc