RINSTAR® Testimonials


As a small operator who blends ethanol at the rack, I was extremely concerned that the requirements in EPA's Renewable Fuel Standard could force us out of the blending business. We looked at several options for compliance, including developing our own in-house solution.

The RINSTAR® Renewable Fuel Registry was definitely the answer for us. The fee structure is simple to understand. For less than $200 and just a few minutes of my time we had our 3rd quarter reports into EPA. I sent these reports through the CDX system, which is a minor accomplishment on its own for those familiar with CDX from the ULSD tracking reports that are submitted to EPA via CDX.

The registry is simple and straight forward. The fees are equitable for the small or large blender. I recommend the Fuel Registry to any and all registered blenders. You owe it to yourself to at least take a look.

Mike Swan - Operations Manager
Holland Terminal Inc.


As a marketer of ethanol the requirements of the RFS program really threatened to interrupt our commercial operations. With our limited staff the RFS reporting requirements seemed overwhelming, so, like many other companies, we studied all the options and then decided to join the RINSTAR® Renewable Fuel Registry. The one thing we knew for sure was that we had to have a system that would actually work for us, be user friendly and easy to learn. We also had to have the regulatory expertise and technical service to stand behind it. Base upon our research and my experience there is only one option, and that is RINSTAR®.

The system really does handle everything from start to finish. I couldn't believe sending in my reports to EPA could be so easy. I actually called RINSTAR® to make certain that I hadn't missed something. If you are still struggling with RINs, it is time to pick up the phone and call these guys; they really do know how to make your life simpler.

I am looking forward to a long relationship with the RINSTAR® System. The staff is exceptional, always available to help, and expert at what they do.

Janeen Berryman
Western Ethanol Company


As a broker of ethanol, we were unsure of what the EPA expected from us with their Renewable Fuel Standard program. We tried to make a spreadsheet with the needed information, but after listening in on the first web seminar from RINSTAR® and getting a DEMO, we knew there was only one way to go and that was with RINSTAR®!!

If you want one word to explain RINSTAR® it is: STRESS-FREE!!!!!! The system is user friendly and I can't say enough about the staff!

Amy Main
MinnIowa Distributing Inc.


We would like to extend our sincere appreciation and gratitude to RINSTAR for helping us achieve one of the most successful years in the history of our Company, RINSTAR's fuel registry has been a tremendous benefit to us by taking our work load with ethanol blended products to an easy manageable practice. Submitting our quarterly reports to the EPA is as easy as a click of a button. By efficiently managing the tracking, blending and reporting Guttman Oil Company's RINS, RINSTAR's staff has always been available for help with any questions that we may have.

When we first started with RINSTAR, you and your staff took the time to go through all of the steps that were needed for our company. You showed patience and understanding with all of our questions. The transaction could have not been any easier.

Thank you for everything and much success in the future!

Best Regards,

Kerri Smith - Operations and Logistics Coordinator
Guttman Oil


I just wanted to let you know how happy we have been with RINSTAR here at Independence Biofuels.

We first started using RINSTAR at the referral of one of our suppliers. They told us it would make things easier. This has definitely been the case. Before we started using RINSTAR, I was doing everything by hand using an Excel spreadsheet. RINSTAR has drastically improved things! RINSTAR has really cut down on the daily stuff that I have to do. I have found the biggest benefit of all to be report submission.

We have been really happy with you and your staff at RINSTAR. In fact, we are so satisfied that we are making use of RINSTAR one of the stipulations for a new customer we are trying to bring in. I even tell our sales guys to push RINSTAR with potential customers.

Thank You,

Heather Woratyla
Independence Biofuels, Inc.


RINSTAR was first recommended to me by a few of the companies that we do business with. I do the taxes here at Tyree Oil and as a result of this I had some experience with biodiesel and ethanol credits. Initially, I was doing this on my own using an Excel spreadsheet but struggled mightily with the reports. Later on, I found out that I was not doing them correctly. I contacted with RINSTAR out of utter desperation. Things have definitely been much easier ever since.

The biggest benefit of using RINSTAR is having confidence that the work is being done right. It really is a huge relief to have RINSTAR handling our reports.

I am confident that you are highly knowledgeable of RINs and renewable fuel regulations. Furthermore, I think that you are one of the most knowledgeable people in the country on this subject. I really appreciate that you can translate complicated subject matter into words that business people can understand. I have also had excellent experience with the other associates at RINSTAR. In particular, Debbie Webb has been really great as a trainer.

I count on RINSTAR to manage our data and produce reports. RINSTAR also helps us to clarify the rules, which we can't get from the EPA website. Most importantly, RINSTAR helps us stay out of trouble. RINSTAR even has us set up to sell RINS now.

I would advise someone who is considering RINSTAR to hurry up and do it. In fact, I have already been recommending RINSTAR to our venders.


Connie Mitchell
Tyree Oil


We originally decided to choose RINSTAR a few months ago. One of our suppliers was giving us bad RINs, which in turn required us to file amended EPA quarterly reports numerous times. We needed our system to be more efficient. Before going with RINSTAR, I was using an Excel spreadsheet to handle everything. My old system did not tell me if RINs were bad. This was obviously a problem and we needed a better system.

RINSTAR has helped us a great deal. We now rely on it to tell us whether or not a set of RINS has been used. RINSTAR also automatically determines and segregates RIN by type, ethanol or biodiesel. We have referred our suppliers to RINSTAR. This way we know ahead of time that the RINs we receive from them are valid because they have already been through RINSTAR verification. RINSTAR helps us keep track of our fuel and blending. The EPA wants to have continual measures of accountability for people in our business and RINSTAR helps us with this.

My experience with you and the RINSTAR associates has been excellent as well. You are very available and very accessible. Debbie has been extremely knowledgeable and is very interested in knowing what are specific needs are.

I would highly recommend RINSTAR to other companies. Anyone who has tried to manage RINs on their own knows that they are problematic. Using RINSTAR is like having a fact checker in your pocket. The RINSTAR certificate is an added bonus because when you go sell, the purchaser knows that they will not have trouble with the RINS.


Janet Groeger
Stinker Stores Inc.


Renova Energy is an ethanol producer and we first started using RINSTAR in September 2008. At the time, there was an in-house system that was being built to handle RINs, but unfortunately it was just wasn’t working well. We started using RINSTAR because we needed a way to track the RINs appropriately and accurately. I am pleased to say that we have achieved immediate results with RINSTAR and it has improved our process tremendously.

Using RINSTAR has been wonderful. Our customers have not complained about invalid RINs. Furthermore, RINSTAR is very accurate. The RINSTAR system red flags me whenever something is wrong with one of the RINs, preventing me from making costly mistakes or even possibly violating the regulations. It is reassuring to all of use here to know that the system is in place and providing the highest level if confidence to our business. As you know, compliance is very important to us.

I have found you to be well informed on all things that are RIN related. Your staff has been very helpful as well. Debbie has been excellent! She is really “Johnny on the spot” as far as getting back to us.

I would highly recommend RINSTAR. In fact, we have already recommended RINSTAR to many of our customers. We give them the RINSTAR website address so that they can check it out. We tell our customers that if they’re even considering with RINs that your services are a must.

Linda Redford - Administrative Assistant
Renova Energy Inc. - Wyoming Ethanol LLC


Aloha Petroleum has been a customer of RINSTAR since May 2008. Even before we became a customer of RINSTAR, we had several conversations with Clayton McMartin and his staff and we also attended several of the webinars they put on to learn about RINS and RFS. All of this was very helpful to us in becoming educated about RINS and what our responsibilities and opportunities are.

After we became a customer, Clayton and his staff gave us suggestions on how to organize our information and then walked us through how to use their product. There are several things I like about the RINSTAR product. Once I enter our product purchases into RINSTAR, I am confident their validation process will ensure our RIN numbers are genuine. Next, the reporting capabilities are very good so I can create any reports needed for analysis, upper management or the auditors. When I am ready to separate RINS because our products have been blended, the RINSTAR product makes it very easy. Finally, the EPA reporting is ready at the touch of a button.

While we have not sold any of our RINS yet, we hope to do so soon. We have been in the market place and we have heard that potential buyers are looking for sellers that are RINSTAR members. That tells us our RINS are more marketable because of our use of the RINSTAR system.

Clayton and his staff had the vision to organize and put on the RINWORLD SUMMIT in October 2008. I was able to attend the Summit and found it to be very worthwhile event. I got to hear from professionals involved with RINS from many different organizations and I got to meet colleagues from other companies like ours. There was a certain bond you could sense that we are there to learn more about RINS and RFS.

Our experience and business transactions with RINSTAR have been positive all the way across the board. Their product and their subject knowledge have been very valuable to us.

Best Regards,

Timothy Lum - Financial Manager
Aloha Petroleum, LTD