Clearinghouse Rolls Out Tracking and Trading Program For Environmental Credits

Contact:  Shelley Judd
          (575) 377-3369


Taos, NM; April 10, 2007 — Answering the Nation's call for cost effective and renewable fuels, the Clean Fuels Clearinghouse announced today the development of an internet based supply, trading, accounting, and reporting service at RINRegister.com, named RINSTAR®.  The RINSTAR® program addresses each of the requirements established in EPA's final rule for the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS), announced today at EPA's Washington D.C. headquarters.

Fundamental to the implementation of the RFS is a reliable and efficient market for generating and trading of these motor fuel credits.  Without this market mechanism, consumers outside of the Midwestern corn-belt will face increased gasoline prices at the pump as the additive is blended at the refining sites.  To offset limitations in transportation logistics, the legislators and EPA staff developed the Renewable Identification Number (RIN) approach for ethanol credit trading, and the Clean Fuels Clearinghouse developed RINSTAR® in order to cost effectively implement the program nationwide.

Ethanol producers, gasoline refiners, blenders, and importers are all faced with the costly expense of developing tools to track credits and generate compliance reports, said Clayton McMartin, president Clean Fuels Clearinghouse.  Leveraging our experience in prior motor fuel compliance credit programs, through RINSTAR® we have developed the most cost effective approach to delivering renewable fuels to the U.S. consumer.  The company estimates that their approach can save over 20 million dollars in implementation and administration costs.  An added benefit of their approach is that it provides for an independent real-time validation process that would be available by no other means.

A development team of engineers and computer programmers with the Clean Fuels Clearinghouse began work on the solution months ago when the notice of proposed rule making was released in September of 2006.  Based on today's final RFS rule, final modifications are being made to the RINSTAR® program.  A demonstration will be held on May 3, 2007 at 1:00 PM Mountain Time Zone.  Final release of the product will be in alignment with the implementation of the RFS rule.  More information can be found at RINRegister.com.

The Clean Fuels Clearinghouse is an independent corporation that focuses on providing the systems and specialized information that motor fuel producers need for the most cost effective implementation of clean fuel regulations.  The company has been instrumental in earlier implementation of clean fuel regulations beginning in 2001 and serves a client base which accounts for over 70% of the United States gasoline supply.  Additional information is available at the company's website, www.RINRegister.com.