About Us

Welcome to the Clean Fuels Clearinghouse and our Environmental Credits website.  We have been providing specialized services for compliance with EPA motor fuel regulations since 2002.  The company has been instrumental in the implementation of cleaner fuels by providing an independent and open platform for the purpose of validating and trading various motor fuel credits.  With the challenging demands of the Renewable Fuels Standard, we have now developed RINSTAR® to deliver the next level of business solutions for cleaner fuels.

The Clean Fuels Clearinghouse™ Associates have extensive experience in virtually every area of petroleum refining as well as environmental policies and regulations.  The Clean Fuels Clearinghouse™ brings together the strength of experience and the power of technology.  This powerful combination is used to provide the industry with Practical Solutions to the many Challenges created with the ever-changing requirements for cleaner fuels.  The portfolio of professional experience within the Clean Fuels Clearinghouse™ includes:

  • Refinery Operations Planning and Economics
  • Environmental Protection Agency Policy Making and Administration
  • Linear Programming and Refinery Modeling
  • Product Blending, Supply, and Distribution
  • Regulatory Tracking and Reporting
  • Financial Analysis and Strategic Planning
  • Knowledge Management and Collaboration
  • Refinery Yield Accounting and Systems Development
  • Capital Project Analysis
  • Refinery Technical Services and Plant Optimization
  • Technology Licensing
  • Process and Mechanical Design Engineering
  • Asset Rationalization Studies
  • And much more…

The integration of this diverse experience base creates a team with the strength of knowledge necessary to solve the multifaceted challenges resulting from the production of ultra clean fuels.

The Renewable Fuel Standard and What You and Your Company Must Do To Comply