In line with its mission to Deliver Business Solutions for Cleaner Fuels, the Clean Fuels Clearinghouse has developed the patent-pending RINSTAR® Renewable Fuel Registry, a web-based solution to the Supply, Trading, Accounting, and Reporting requirements brought on by the Nation's Renewable Fuel Standard.

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Reliability Score Card:

RINSTAR® – 100% vs EMTS – 85%

Government regulations DO COME at a real COST.

Companies that depend on the reliability of EPA systems – PAY the price in CASH flow.

RINSTAR® minimizes the regulatory burden to your commercial business through a Complete and Independent computer system.

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The RINSTAR® Renewable Fuel Registry (RFR) offers our clients the confidence, security, and efficiencies necessary for the most cost effective delivery of renewable fuels across the entire United States. The Clean Fuels Clearinghouse is an independent company, not directed by any trade or political organization, and is uniquely positioned to provide a system wide renewable fuel validation and RIN management platform.

RINSTAR® tracks individual credits based upon EPA's QAP Certification, along with a multitude of additional attributes associated with any given RIN.  EPA's QAP (Quality Assurance Program) is a voluntary program with service providers throughout the industry.  As an independent registry, RINSTAR® will accommodate the data from any EPA-approved provider.